Feed Your Mind: THE HAMPTON YEARS by Jacqueline E. Lawton

“...a seminal moment in the lives of two trailblazing African-American artists: the celebrated muralist John Biggers and the printmaker and art historian Samella Lewis”—American Theatre

“filled with life and surprises and still-unanswered questions...the kind of theatre that we really want to see.”—Shirley Serotsky, Theatre J, Washington DC

 THE HAMPTON YEARS by Jaqueline E. Lawton

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Saturday, April 16, 2016 @ 8pm | Sunday, April 17, 2016 @ 2pm
at the Ethnic Cultural Theatre

Audience Feedback

Critics and audiences alike rave about Mirror Stage productions.

Since 2004, the common thread that links the majority of Feed Your Mind audience feedback is praise for Mirror Stage’s scripts and actors.

Descriptive phrases and adjectives used again and again include: engaging, intriguing, great, relevant, interesting, wonderful, remarkable, thought-provoking, excellent, spectacular and stellar. That the two core elements of our Feed Your Mind series consistently receive such lofty praise is rewarding and also helps us keep the bar set sufficiently high to continue producing high quality work.

Mirror Stage Feed Your Mind
Audience Feedback: (most recent comments first)

  • "Brilliant. Loved it. The play. The performers. Everything...so many things that need to be said."
  • "Thank you for staging this piece...this moment in history is not taught much. It's challenging & relevant and was cool."
  • "This is a good organization doing important work."
  • "Great to hear about events in history that I may not be aware of. Very powerful. Was fun."
  • "Great actors. Subject matter was well presented."
  • "Actors were great."
  • "Well done!"
  • "PRINCIPAL PRINCIPLE STAGED READING GETS AN A. Is our public educational system grinding itself into the ground? This is just one of the questions Joe Zarrow explores in his 2014 play, Principal Principle...Director Suzanne Cohen helped her cast of five women read this play with great vigor and emotion...With this stripped down version of theater, I feel much more focused on the play’s themes...Zarrow and this reading show up the irony that a system that has conflated correct answers on a multiple-choice exam with learning can’t even pose for itself clear questions with clear—correct—answers."—Mark Douglass, Drama in the Hood
  • "...a fine example of how an intelligent, complex and fiercely relevant contemporary drama can stir deep emotional responses and lingering personal contemplation of important ideas...I so appreciate what Mirror Stage is doing with their Feed Your Mind series. They are presenting important plays that raise important considerations"—Jerry Kraft, SeattleActor.com
  • "Diversity of audience members made for a lively conversation... love the selection of thought-provoking scripts & the discussions afterward."

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