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Audience Feedback

Critics and audiences alike rave about Mirror Stage productions.

Since 2004, the common thread that links the majority of Feed Your Mind audience feedback is praise for Mirror Stage’s scripts and actors.

Descriptive phrases and adjectives used again and again include: engaging, intriguing, great, relevant, interesting, wonderful, remarkable, thought-provoking, excellent, spectacular and stellar. That the two core elements of our Feed Your Mind series consistently receive such lofty praise is rewarding and also helps us keep the bar set sufficiently high to continue producing high quality work.

Mirror Stage Feed Your Mind
Audience Feedback: (most recent comments first)

  • "Loved it! Creative and captivating use of props, etc. Beautiful!
  • "Excellent script and the performances were well done...The use of ropes in different ways was very powerful."
  • "Last fall I taught parts of the Odyssey in a class on gender in Ancient Greece... I only wish I could have brought my students to this!"
  • "A great perspective on an ancient story... intellectually stimulating. Loved the afterplay discussion."
  • "History as we are told is just a perspective."
  • "Totally different from anything I have ever seen or experienced."
  • "Liked how the reading focused my attention on their expressions and tone of voice without distraction of a set & costumes."
  • "Loved the simplicity of the setting & the complexity of the story & issues."
  • "Reminder of slaves/maids position, blaming the victim in the Bronze Age. ..The play & acting are very powerful."
  • Very thought-provoking and well done."
  • "Brilliant interpretation...beautifully done!"
  • "I love this theatre for this sort of intimate show."
  • "Brilliant. Loved it. The play. The performers. many things that need to be said."
  • "Thank you for staging this piece...this moment in history is not taught much. It's challenging & relevant and was cool."
  • "This is a good organization doing important work."
  • "Great to hear about events in history that I may not be aware of. Very powerful. Was fun."
  • "Great actors. Subject matter was well presented."
  • "PRINCIPAL PRINCIPLE STAGED READING GETS AN A. Is our public educational system grinding itself into the ground? This is just one of the questions Joe Zarrow explores in his 2014 play, Principal Principle...Director Suzanne Cohen helped her cast of five women read this play with great vigor and emotion...With this stripped down version of theater, I feel much more focused on the play’s themes...Zarrow and this reading show up the irony that a system that has conflated correct answers on a multiple-choice exam with learning can’t even pose for itself clear questions with clear—correct—answers."—Mark Douglass, Drama in the Hood
  • "...a fine example of how an intelligent, complex and fiercely relevant contemporary drama can stir deep emotional responses and lingering personal contemplation of important ideas...I so appreciate what Mirror Stage is doing with their Feed Your Mind series. They are presenting important plays that raise important considerations"—Jerry Kraft,
  • "Diversity of audience members made for a lively conversation... love the selection of thought-provoking scripts & the discussions afterward."
  • "Helpful to hear from teachers."
  • "Fresh."
  • "The amount of pressure teachers face and how this leads to burnout...It's a very relevant and important topic."
  • "Lovely insight to the topic of education and the dimension of change affecting students and teachers."
  • "Great discussion...Excellent play that explores conflict, race, education issues, ethics, trust, why we work."
  • "I was an elementary school teacher. Very familiar material. I've been through this!!"
  • "Great discussion."
  • "Interesting!"
  • "Superb acting."
  • "Great subjects (pertinent)"
  • "Thought-provoking from multiple perspectives."
  • "Beautifully done. This was intellectually stimulating and (surprisingly) engaging. I appreciate thinking more in depth about privilege and teaching. It was amazing and very emotional. I was impressed! This was truly fantastic!"
  • "I know many folks who would get a lot out of this show,"
  • "Well-acted & thought-provoking. Funny to boot."
  • "The reading was fantastic. On a scale of 1-5, I give it a 10."
  • "Love the diversity of cast & feel more people should see work like this."
  • "A good story that needed to be told. The actors were excellent."
  • "Always enjoyable. Music was a great addition."
  • "Very thought-provoking production."
  • "Consistent good quality."
  • "A different perspective on 'old' ideas."
  • "Excellent subject, writing & cast."
  • "A lot to think about."
  • "Riveting!"
  • "Ballsy, complicated, funny & fascinating."
  • "I'd like to see it again."
  • "Well acted! Glad to see a new play—thank you for producing new works!"
  • "No easy answers on this topic, but good to keep 'feeding the mind.'"
  • Great script, great actors...I think the simple reading gives the words more power."
  • "I think this would be an amazing reading to have at school. I loved it!"
  • "Engrossing subject very well performed."
  • "Very provocative—good story, reflects reality."
  • "Reading & discussion were both powerful and inspired deeper thought about an incredibly important topic."
  • "Open discourse will always provide diverse perspectives."
  • "Important issues. Mind-expanding. Makes me think."
  • "Look forward to more thought-provoking readings."
  • "Loved the play + actors!"
  • "So refreshing! Wonderful acting/direction. A lot of subtly not-talked-about things all together and talked about. Wonderful moments. A story that needs telling."
  • "A very powerful play & very engaging through humor."
  • "Fantastic actors!"
  • "Well written."
  • "Attending the reading was a WONDERFUL experience. It's such a fabulous play and the staging and acting were marvelous, and as usual with everything you do, it was intelligent and thought-provoking. Sheer delight. Thank you for creating miracles. Time and again."
  • "Great topic! Intellectually stimulating"
  • Absolutely loved the script. Great value"
  • "I learned a lot of new ideas in the discussion after the play. I think it's important to relate the play to what is happening now."
  • "Great topic! Still present today, unfortunately."
  • " I think it built upon age-old ideas regarding women in a 'man's world'."
  • "A very good play, but I'll tell you, you don't have to be female to have an experience like that. Very entertaining"
  • "Subject area that's very close to home—loved the reading"
  • "Good tension. Interesting view"
  • "Wonderful!"
  • "Good spectrum of possibilities [represented]"
  • "Sorry there wasn't a larger audience! Excellent readings!"
  • "Great collection of actors!"
  • "Excellent reading —best acting I've seen at Mirror Stage—Great job!"
  • “I thought it was awesome—great reading and an incredibly moving story. Goes to show that good writing is better than high dollar productions!”
  • “Very Moving. More depth than I expected. Made me think about life in general and how sometimes you just need to go for what you want out of life.”
  • “Nice twist on old themes, Great unfolding of truths.”
  • “I love a minimalist approach where the work shines.”
  • “Interesting to hear both audience and actor responses…I enjoyed the rawness this form requires.”
  • “Very rich play with relevant themes on current changes in modern life…great script—good reading! I thought it was wonderful.”
  • “a clever way to introduce the disconnects in our culture…it’s relevant, humorous and good.”
  • “a fresh take on jobs and workplace monotony…the script was really engaging and the actors did a great job.”
  • “I like smart, thought provoking art—performance art or otherwise.”
  • “I just can’t believe how much I can get from the actors just reading!”
  • “I loved the perspective that these folks were liberal but had very different views.”
  • “One of the very best plays/productions I’ve seen in Seattle in 20 years. Kudos to the actors! Raises important & challenging questions… The acting is wonderful and the play was both highly intelligent and dramatically engaging.”
  • “Rich, nuanced, smart…Loved it.”
  • “I love plays that make the audience think. Great choice.”
  • “Brought up lots of good questions, some hard.”
  • “Loved the discussion after. The piece itself was so effective it made the discussion all the better.”
  • “Interesting exploration of the topic of loyalty within & between race, sex, family and marriage. I liked the use of shifting allegiances & gray areas to show conflict.”
  • “Presented both perspectives in a full way without diatribes and with heart.”
  • “This play dealt with significant issues that deserve to be put on stage”
  • “Just exposure to the discussion was beneficial.”
  • “Emotionally powerful yet full of ideas, challenging conventional wisdom.”
  • “Wonderful—a great mix of tender emotions, comedy, sadness & perspective that reflects how diverse we are, even within our intimate families.”
  • “I thought this was a tremendous play. I was moved over & over by the inner working of the family and what it had to say about our world.”
  • “I like the readings better because they make me focus on the content, not the accoutrements.”
  • “Brought me to tears a couple of times & this is only a reading!”
  • “There were subtleties in the script that were brought out in the discussion that really informed what had come before.”
  • “Fabulous! Always good to make us think about what we believe... It's so fun to get involved in a play more intimately than just entertained.”
  • “Well-done... very arresting & kept my interest & attention... We need provocative theater. People need to think as well as be entertained."
  • “It’s a wonderful experience & joy to attend your plays!”

In October/November 2012, Mirror Stage returned to fully-staged productions
with the West Coast premiere of Odin's Horse by Robert Koon,
named “one of Seattle's best productions of 2012” by Seattle Gay News.

Odin's Horse Audience Feedback:

  • ”I will never forget this play and performance. My many thanks go out to you all...good work well done...I want you to know of my great appreciation to you and to all who made possible the production of this wonderful play.”
  • ”Excellent performances, interesting unusual staging, lighting, quick switches of viewpoint, balanced presentation of complex material. Wonderful script.”
  • ”You produced a wonderful, important show...Thank you for all you do!”
  • ”Cutting edge material, good production value...I was very happy with the production quality + acting skill.”
  • ” did a fantastic job. I am really excited by your approach and I encourage you to keep up the good work. Real conversation about important topics is needed.”
  • ”Always very well done - excellent casting and directing!”
  • ”I like intelligent, well-acted/directed theatre.”
  • ”Well done. Loved the words, topic, acting & presentation.”
  • ”Very well written and well acted, the characters were well rounded & developed, the staging was organic.”
  • ”Very compelling, dramatic portrayal.”
  • ”It was entertaining and thought-provoking.”
  • ”We were blown away by the play, the actors and your amazing direction. Be proud of your triumphant return to fully produced works! We're hooked and look for many more to come. You got the right stuff!”
  • ”I felt the impact of the actors' passion.”
  • ”Wonderfully done."
  • “Nice to see two perspectives equally portrayed on a controversial topic.”
  • “The play was thoughtful and thought-provoking...a thoroughly enjoyable evening.”
  • “Always interesting and well presented. Insight into contemporary areas of disagreement.”
  • “Very enjoyable. Wonderful performances!”
  • “Fascinated by the juxtaposition of the 2-sided issue with conservation + economics—interspersed with history.”
  • “Beautiful show...I loved the weaving of the Norse mythology with a profoundly important and dire situation occuring in our country & beloved redwood forests.”
  • ”Enjoyed the show! Strong performances by all!”
  • ”Well done!”
  • ”Thank you for a thought-provoking, beautiful production...this play brings the issues to a different level.”
  • ”Wonderful story and moral.”
  • ”Good music, lighting, story & overall performance.”
  • ”Excellent production values.”
  • ”Thank you — Great show!”
  • ”...great, meaningful and well-presented.”
  • ”Amazing acting and an even better script. The play came together so perfectly.”
  • ”I never would have thought this would have made for a good play, but the story was strong.”
  • ”Casting was excellent...learned new things about logging, Nordic history.”

In October 2002, Mirror Stage produced the West Coast premiere of The Knee Desires the Dirt by Julie Hébert, followed in February 2003 by the Northwest Premiere of Far East by A.R. Gurney. In November 2003, Mirror Stage presented the Northwest Premiere of Abstract Expression by Theresa Rebeck, named “Best Play of 2003” by Seattle Gay News.

Mirror Stage 2002-2003 Fully Staged Production Audience Feedback:

  • “Incredible, well-acted, well-directed. A stellar show.”
  • “I loved the show. It seemed incredibly relevant to my life.”
  • “Relevant to today’s world.”
  • “A complex, interesting and timely play.”
  • “This was the real thing: great sound, great set, great acting!”
  • “Interesting topic—fun to talk about art & race & money.”
  • “It’s rare to see good, solidly acted and produced live theatre. An enjoyable night well worth the ticket price. Sound, lighting and timing were great. Good flow. Fine acting.”

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